Monday, February 4, 2008

Word of the Week: Zippies

In 1960th, America had hippies. In 1980th, young urban professionals were dubbed yuppies. Thomas L. Friedman, in his book “The World is Flat,“ introduces zippies.

Who are the zippies?

Zippies are young city or suburban residents, between 15 and 25 years of age. They belong to Generation Z -- people born in a digital world. Zippies can be male or female, studying or working. They exhibit attitude, ambition and aspiration. They are cool, confident and creative. They seek challenge, love risks and shun fears (p.215).

India has 54 percent of population under the age of 25 --that's 55 million people. 6 out of 10 Indian households have at least one zippie.

Think about it -- in several years, many of these zippies will be doing American white-collar jobs for a fraction of the pay...


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