Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Online Simulations: America by Air

Today, I found great simulations for upper elementary and middle school students on the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum's website America by Air.

Click on the Activities link and explore with your students artifacts, photographs, artwork and colorful interactive simulations.

Well-Dressed Pilot
Dress DE Havilland DH-4 1926 and Douglas DC-3 1936 pilots.

Contact Flying
Navigate airplane as an airmail pilot.

Pilot Personality
Explore different documents to learn about a pilot Bill Hopson's personality.

Travel Agent
Become a 1930s travel agent.

Around the World
Travel around the world in 18 days. Follow Herbert R. Ekins, a reporter for the New York World-Telegram, who travels around the world by air using regular airlines. Track his journey around the world or make a newsreel video of his journey by adding video clips, images, maps, and sound.

At Your Service
Explore an airplane -- DC-7 model.

Learn about stewardess requirements in 1950.

Baggage Claim
Examine each item and give it to the right person.

Generation of Leaders
Learn about early leaders of the commercial airline industry.

Today's Jets
Read about today's jets.

Air Routes
Explore air routes in the United States for five major airlines between 1930 and 2000.

Price Meter
Learn what factors affect the cost of airline tickets.

Fly the mail
Deliver mail from New York to Cleveland in 6 hours; fly over "Hell Stretch" where many pilots have lost their lives, and face several challenges along the way.

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