Tuesday, July 3, 2007

iPhone Troubleshooting 101

When you buy an iPhone, you have to activate it via iTunes. This process should take only several minutes, but I had a problem with my activation. My phone was working, and I could access the Internet through WiFi, but I couldn’t make and receive phone calls. I had to spend hours over phone with AT&T and Apple customer support. I spoke with at least 10 different representatives and most of them had no idea why my phone was not working. I was told to hook up my iPhone to a computer and wait for 48-72 hours; to go to Apple store and ask a Mac Genius for help; to send my phone back to Apple and change a SIM card… I've used all possible troubleshooting techniques described in the iPhone User Guide.

Luckily, I’ve decided to call AT&T Customer Service at 1-877-419-4500. I’ve received this number in email with my activation confirmation. Finally, one of the customer support representatives was able to help me. He performed different troubleshooting tricks: sent me updates, verified phone information including the SIM card number, and, at last, he found that my personal information wasn’t properly entered at one of their databases. He restored it and instantly my cell signal bars appeared along with AT&T and E (EDGE network) symbols.

iPhone Activation and Troubleshooting Tips

  • If you have iTunes Store account, check your personal data (email, credit card, address, and phone) before activating your iPhone.
  • Try disconnecting your phone from the computer for 30 seconds and pluging it back in. This will restart your activation process.
  • Call AT&T service at 1-877-419-4500.
  • If you need to remove the SIM card, it’s easy to do with a small paper clip -- push it firmly down the hole on the SIM tray until the tray will pop up. Your SIM card’s 10-digit number is on the back of the card. To view the number, you have to remove the SIM card carefully from the tray.

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