Monday, May 7, 2007


KWL and KWLH charts were created by Donna Ogle (Carr & Ogle, 1987; Ogle, 1986) to help students develop new skills based on prior knowledge by encouraging active reading and research. The K stands for what students already KNOW, the W refers to what they WANT to know, the L underlines what students LEARNED as they read and researched, and the H stands for HOW they can learn more.

I have effectively used KWLH charts in my computer classes, and they could also be useful for teacher training sessions. In my classes, students always research the Internet before creating websites, presentations, movies or interactive animated textbooks. KWLH charts help students to stay organized, set goals, be active readers, and assess their progress. KWLH charts are also helpful in introducing new technology related topics, software applications or operating systems. For example: What we already KNOW about Photoshop? What we WANT to learn about Photoshop? What we LEARNED about Photoshop? HOW can we learn more about Photoshop?

KWLH chart

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