Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Business Card Design

Do not:
  • clutter the space on the card
  • use Times, Arial or Helvetica
  • use 12-point type
  • center you layout
  • use words “email” or “web site”
  • use “phone” if you don’t have a fax number
  • use parentheses around area codes.

  • align all elements with something else
  • align baseline
  • align left edges or right edges
  • use strong flush right or flush left alignments
  • use periods, small bullets, and blank spaces around area codes
  • spell out St., Blvd., Ln., etc.
  • have empty space
  • use 8-, 9-, or 10-point type
  • experiment with vertical and horizontal layout
  • use second color sparingly.

Note: These business cards are designed for exercise purposes only and contain fictional contact information.

Reference: Williams, R. (2004). “The Non-Designer’s Design Book." Berkeley: Peachpit Press.

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Christy Tucker said...

What are some better font choices besides the standard default selections, especially for online?