Thursday, March 29, 2007

Stop Cyberbullying!

I’ve read The dark side of blogging, March 30: Participate in Stop Cyberbullying Day, and Dear Kathy Sierra from the Cool Cat Teacher Blog.

I've never heard about Kathy Sierra before, but her message Death threats against bloggers are NOT "protected speech" (why I cancelled my ETech presentations) has stirred my soul, especially, a horrible image “i dream of kathy sierra.” When you live in a small academic world, you are forgetting how many crazy, mean-spirited misogynists and sexual maniacs are out there. My heart goes to Kathy Sierra and her family. I hope they will be able to trace IP addresses and find all these anonymous authors. I think all blogs should have a choice of blocking anonymous posts.

I agree with Steve Dembo that:

“Some people have a real dark side to them, and the relative anonymity of blogging (not having to say things directly to a person’s face) gives them the opportunity to say things they would never ordinarily voice. And to do it loudly and publicly.”

I am joining Andy Carvin’s site If not for a spring break, I would ask my Digital Design class students to create posters “Syberbullying Hurts.” For now, I will use one of Scott Mcleod’s images.

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